Homefire Smokeless Fuel

Celebrating over 50 years as Britain’s Leading Smokeless Fuel for Open Fires and Multi-fuel Stoves

  • Great Performance
    Burns for up to 40% longer than house coal
  • Outstanding Quality
    Great performance every time
  • Better for the Environment
    Produces up to 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2 than house coal. 
  • Safe and Convenient
    HETAS approved as safe and fit for use

Homefire is simply The Best smokeless fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.  Homefire has occupied this position for over 50 years because it combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire, is slow burning, easy to control and produces  80% less smoke and 20% less CO2 than house coal. 

Great Performance
Independent tests show that Homefire produces more sustained heat output and lasts up to 40% longer than house coal.  So whilst a bag of Homefire may cost more than house coal, you will use less to heat your home.

Outstanding Quality
Homefire is manufactured to strict quality control standards, using best quality bituminous coal and anthracite.  Because Homefire is a manufactured fuel, you are guaranteed a consistent quality product with every bag and Homefire is readily available with no unpredictable interruptions in production.  The same cannot always be said of house coal which often varies in quality and burning efficiency from load to load.

Better for the Environment
Homefire produces 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2 than house coal and is approved for use in smoke control zones. 

Safe and Convenient to use
Homefire is cleaner and easier to handle than house coal, with longer refuelling intervals.  Homefire is approved for use on Open Fires and Multi-Fuel stoves by HETAS, the official body recognised by the UK Government to test and approve solid fuels as being safe and fit for purpose.

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